Sunday, February 27, 2011

brutish attempt

In the spirit of accuracy, after reading Paul's dx below I'm thinking what I saw was an osprey-like failed attempt on Buzz's part. There was not a warm reception from Ruby, though Buzz did get right on her back and stay for maybe 2 seconds, I think it was more of a brutish attempt at romance than the real thing. Sorry Buzz-fans, but he didn't seem to be his usual sweet and nurturing self at that moment! I'm sure he will convert back to dutiful husband and father once the courtship moves along a little further!

Loved the osprey story, Paul. When are you going to write our book to compete with Marie Winn's Tale, by the way?

And what will they do today in the snow? I spotted Buzz in the rainstorm day before yesterday, because my mother (Honey) asked me to find out where they go in such bad weather. He was on the right corner of the 185 building standing on the roof, or maybe in the gutter itself, looking more bedraggled than Larry the day after hitting the building last year. He was just standing there in the rain, shaking off droplets now and then but mostly just waiting it out.

Whoever goes to look at them in the snow, please write something entertaining for those of us who can't stop by today! and Ernie, did you post yesterday's photos? I'm glad you got to meet Jim (my partner who was the second mystery photographer in yesterday's update) who went in my stead to take a look while I held vigil at Honey's bedside.

Looking forward to spring!

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