Sunday, May 22, 2011

Different year, different nest

Paul is absolutely correct. Different year, different nest, different possibilities. Even the layout of the nest is different, we get more back side views. These chicks don't know how fortunate they are getting all this food. Andy and I were estimating more than twice as much being dropped off compared to last year. Good pickens for the chicks which is more important, but last year the Three Amigos would stand together searching for their parents waiting for food. When the parents finally came delivering food they would cry and we would cheer that dinner had finally arrived. These guys have it good. When I left in the late afternoon, Buzz landed on the roof with a dead bird apparently waiting for Ruby. When she did not come within 5 minutes he dropped it in the nest. The chicks stared at each other and at the bird for a while, no rush, then started working on it. Half of it was hanging off the front of the nest and the devouring was pretty graphic and bloody (sorry). If the morning people come and the food is still there you will get good shots. If not, Ruby cleaned house. Hildy

Ruby Repairing Her Nest


Sal Perisano

coming home with the 'hamburgers'

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i spent around six hours at the nest on sat. i spend so much time there i think i am turning into a 'red tail' (among other'things').
i have some great shots for (later}. this photo tells the story it has the kids and dad coming home with the 'hamburgers'. "georgie inspects while "honey and yahoo look on"
later ( or was that friday)ruby came in with a huge green branch to 'oohs and ahhs'. there was lots of company there all day . my favorite was all the dogs i met(being a dog lover). one small four year old mixed breed didnt want to leave me.
enjoy the day, george mclean

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Once again I have a lot of good ones to share, so I'll post a few and give you the link to my Flickr page to see the rest, which includes a video of the chicks flapping their wings.

Ruby Flying Away
Ruby Flying Away

All Three Chicks
All Three Chicks

Chick Flapping its Wings
Chick Flapping its Wings

Buzz with Prey
Buzz with Prey

Buzz Leaving Nest with Chicks in Background
Buzz Leaving Nest with Chicks in Background

The rest of them can be seen at this link. The first 11 listed are from Saturday, and the first one is the video:

The segment was for 5 seconds. I was more excited for the hawks, they got their 20 seconds of fame. Hildy

TV spot

Hildy just told me she was interviewed at 185 and it will be on Channel 5 at 6 PM tonight!!! She's understandably excited about it :-) Ernie

Friday, May 20, 2011

more good night story


ruby yelled"i thought i told you not to swallow it whole"? the baby answered "i know ma, but feet taste so good ! the old guywith the white hair (george)