Wednesday, March 16, 2011

action at the nest

intruder hawk 3-14-11_6754 copy

over the week end there was all sorts of action. hildy and susan were there on sunday and the two parents were acting crazy. zooming in and out of the nest. they wre listening to hawks passing in the sky and went up to meet them . (click ) i got long shot of buzz with his talons down right over one of the offenders. then a young small juvinile wizzed by the nest(click) i got his picture.(red tail). i have so many picturesi am just putting them away and picking out the great ones. when the parents went back to the nest the second time they just stood there and listened.(click) this is the picture

susan said "look buzz has got his talons down"! i couldnt even see the hawks hovering over the buildings a half a mile away? i just started taking pictures of the dots in the distance? this took pace sunday afternoon for a few hours at 185 and again all we did was laugh and have fun. i confess they are responisble for the pictures . i think i am going blind ? all i could see was dots? oh so what keep moving and snapping!

i was quite surprised when i seen the results from the nikon, a shot from half a mile away, very good ! please take this picture ,and print it out or send it to a "hawker" it or to whom ever. remember "a thing of beauty is a joy to behold" g.mclean


Great shot, George! You know what? It almost looks like the second hawk is Ruby - which makes sense since they were both in the air chasing (?) the third hawk (which is not visible in this photo). I think it was right after you took this photo that Buzz flew back to the nest and Ruby kept after the third hawk, flying back behind 185. -Susan

buzz+ru aler.3-14-11_6769 copy

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