Thursday, May 19, 2011

tripled in size

wow !!!!!!!!!!! stay away for a few rainy days and the chicks 'georgie, ,honey, and yahoo,--- who? have tripled in size . i was there with 'gabby'(my fellow dog lover) and david. and we all got great pictures. ruby spent a lot of time staring at her beauty in the window. she had one crash and recover and went up to the nest. (click) . the 'babys' are huge. we got a picture of the youngest with a birds leg sticking out of his mouth ! buzz came in fast and dropped a small bird. a little later ruby went into her attention mode ,zpped out and came back with a medium size heron , she had an exchange with buzz, hewent and sat on the sign in front of trader joes. the nest is to small for the five of them it looks like . george p.s. i try to keep my blurbs not to long winded

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