Friday, May 20, 2011

good night fresh pond....

I stopped by 185 this evening around 7:30 PM and Ruby was hunkered down in the nest with the kids tucked in their nest bowl. Didn't see Buzz. After a few minutes there was some commotion as one chick got up to "do its business" as they say. Everyone settled back down and Ruby was back in her "brood" stance, covering the chicks. As the darkness set in, out of nowhere I saw Buzz zoom in front of 185, seemingly in a hurry to get to the trees by Fresh Pond (where I assume he roosts for the night). This short family scene inspired the following:

With apologies to Goodnight Moon and our hawk family...

The Red-Tails of 185: "Goodnight Fresh Pond"

Ruby: OK kids, time for bed. Everybody settle down. Are you ready for Goodnight Fresh Pond?
Chicks: Yeah. Yeah. We love that.
Ruby: Goodnight Fresh Pond Mall sign. Goodnight Whole Foods. Goodnight lamppost. Goodnight vole market. Goodnight Rindge Towers. Goodnight feeding post. Goodnight weathervane. Goodnight Abt and Social Security building. Goodnight Iggy’s. Goodnight railroad tracks.
Chick 1: Goodnight CVS sign.
Ruby: Goodnight T. J. Maxx.
Chick 2: Goodnight transmission tower.
Ruby: Goodnight Trader Joe’s.
Chick 3: My turn, my turn. Goodnight…um…goodnight moon.
Ruby: Goodnight Hotel Tria.
Chicks: Goodnight fake owl!
Ruby: Ha ha. I see you figured that out already.
Chicks: Goodnight flightless humans with your funny eyes.
Ruby: Goodnight roosting tree.
Ruby: Goodnight Fresh Pond. Ok, that’s it, kids. Heads down.
Chicks: Not yet. Can we hear it again? Please?
Ruby: Not tonight. Hunker down everyone. Looks like another night of cold, wet weather. Just look at these feathers – what a mess! I preen and preen all day, and for what? Oh well, I don’t think your father even notices.
Chick 1: Hey, move over.
Chick 2: Ouch! Mom, she stepped on my foot.
Chick 1: Well, if your feet weren’t so big…
Chick 2: Mom, she’s making fun of me again.
Ruby: Kids, what did I tell you? I know this nest isn’t like your cousin’s at Mt. Auburn, but it will have to do. There’s room enough if you all behave.
Ruby: Ok, it’s getting dark out. Everyone tucked in?
Chick 3: Mom, I have to go to the bathroom.
Ruby: Again? Ok, get up, but be careful. Don’t get too close to the edge.
Chick 1: Yeah, you better work on your aim too.
Chick 3: Mom!
Chick 2: No wonder you have to go again. You were quite the little pig at dinner tonight!
Chick 3: Mommmm!
Ruby: Leave him alone. He hasn’t had as much practice as the rest of you – and he needs to eat. He’s a growing boy (or girl)? You know, some days I just can’t tell!
Ruby: Anyone else have to go?
Chick 1: Not me.
Chick 2: Not me.
Ruby: Ok, enough procrastinating. Snuggle in. You kids are driving me crazy. Look at my head – see, you’re making my feathers turn white! You know I’m not supposed to look like an eagle.
Ruby: Now where is that father of yours? I told him it’s not safe flying around so late. You can hardly see on a good night, but with this low visibility...oh, there he goes. Say goodnight to your father.
Chicks: Goodnight Dad.
Buzz: Goodnight kids.
Ruby: Goodnight Buzz.
Buzz: Goodnight Ruby.

Goodnight all.


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