Saturday, May 14, 2011

content chicks

I am enjoying all the beautiful photography coming on the site. Either experienced or amateur photographers, I admire it all.
This year the happening at the nest has not brought in a crowd like last year, every year is different. I find it more fun sharing the excitement, maybe when the chicks get ready to fledge, we can share the excitement/anxiety again.
I was there from around 1:15 to 2:30 with Patrick and another fellow. Patrick had been there since 10am. He saw Ruby smash into the window on the side of 185 closest to Circle furniture. He also saw her tap at the window on the left side of 185 and look at her reflection on the right side of 185. When I came at 1:15 she was in the nest looking somewhat relaxed, not too antsy but looking for Buzz, I assume. He did a couple fly bys with no food. Patrick said the chicks had not been fed for three hours but they appeared content, relaxing and stretching, no crying. There does seem to be an obvious hierarcy in that nest, a definite pecking order. Last year the three seemed to have a conradery. Ruby left the nest and sat in a tree by Fresh Pond for close to 20 minutes then appeared on the pinacle for 5-10 minutes. The chicks seemed very content, no crying when Ruby landed on the pinnacle so they must not of been that hungry. She took off, I went to Whole Foods for 15-20 minutes. When I returned to the nest Ruby was feeding her chicks.
With all this all this devotion and time and writting, I think we should should get some course credit. I know, is a labor of love! Hildy

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