Wednesday, April 27, 2011

active and strong chicks

Buzz was perched on the light fixture at the right rear corner of 185 as I arrived by car at 8:20 AM. Ruby was looking down as if at the kids, but chicks were not visible at all. She gave me a wonderful Preening Show though, so I got to see her thoroughly clean under her right wing by folding it at the 'elbow' and spending several minutes with her head tucked under her wing doing I-don't-know-what but doing it with gusto. Her tail was remarkably red from this position and I got to see her beautiful feathers in some detail. Then came a very noisy pair of Canada Geese flying very, very low through the Whole Foods parking lot and honking non-stop for several minutes. They then flew together up to the back of 185 and a few minutes later came back still honking loudly and persistently.

At 8:35 Ruby seemed to rouse the chicks. Then she swooped out of the nest and I saw two white heads peek above the top of the nest. Then, necks, and then flapping wings! I only saw two of the three chicks this morning. I was nervous about them being left alone and hoped that Buzz was still perched on the roof of the building somewhere looking out for 'bad guys'. At 9:00 AM I noticed a hawk on the third lamppost from 185 and put up my binoculars to see who it was. Of course, then when I scanned back to the nest, Ruby was back with the chicks. I was late for my yoga class, and had to run but as I drove away I got a good look at the lamppost bird and it was Buzz, looking regal, surveying his territory.

I hope Ernie makes it over today to get some video of the chicks. I was surprised at how active and strong these two appeared to be. Happy hawking everyone! Isn't the season off to a great start? -Bonnie

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