Friday, April 29, 2011

snake to play with

buzz snake +fam. 4-29-11_8384

after downloading 750 pictures i found this one ! every child needs a toy so buzz brought little georgie a nice long snake to play with. instead he ate it ? being his 'god father' i am proud of him (hes named after me). if he keeps eating his toys he could end up at 'harvard' !
i am amassing a large folder of hawk images from 'mount auburn" and '185 fresh pond' while trying to keep up with the 'warblers' so we have exciting times ahead and i will try to be' brief in my messages'.
i wish we had the 185 fresh pond' photo stream back? no one knows what happened to it?i would love to find out, who , what and why it no longer exists?
have a great day , see you at the nest , -george mclean

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