Saturday, April 30, 2011

crane operator

Don't know if others got to see the action this morning on the roof of 185. Ernie was leaving as I arrived around 7:40 AM. As I watched Ruby in the nest, a large crane suddenly appeared over the roof of 185. Driving around to the back of the building I met Rob, the crane operator, sitting in the cab of the crane supervising some workers on the roof. They were removing and replacing some equipment from the back of the roof, about 30 feet from the rear of the building.

I asked if they knew about the hawks (they did not) and he thanked for the warning since they have had some experience being "buzzed" by someone like Buzz in the past. Rob couldn't have been sweeter as he took out his own binoculars, gave me a place to park legally near his crane, and walked around the front of the building to check out the nest and Ruby's antics for a few minutes. He clearly appreciates the hawks he meets in his line of business!

I called Paul Roberts, who was on a Plum Island watch this morning, and alerted him to this activity, hoping that nature and humans would figure this one out together. I left for my day, and when I drove by again around 1:45PM I saw no sign of the workers or the crane. Hopefully there were no dramas to report.

Chicks are looking bigger and more active every day! -Bonnie

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