Friday, April 29, 2011

paul the dog

paul the dog 4.29-11@185 f.p._8368 copy

i was sittlng on my folding camp seat (bad back) by the red light at 185 fresh pond when some one yelled 'hey you wit da camera". i looked around and all i saw was a smiling bull dog looking back at me out a car window?
he said to me "my name is paul and i love boids, whada dey doin up on the building"? i answered "they live there paul , thats ruby, buzz, and baby georgie, honeyhawk and yahoo are sleeping". he said back ' i am on my way for an interview in the new'men in black' movie, how do i look? i answered " you are one handsome dude paul. come back and visit for lunch when the babys are bigger" . he took a puff on his cigar, the light changed and all i heard was "i will see ya later, keep driving johnny" !
i hope you injoyed my visit from 'paul the dog'. he and my beagle 'emily rose ' share the same 'marty feldmen' eyes. "aint dey pretty"? ( i have to stay away from the cooking sherry) -georgemclean

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