Saturday, April 30, 2011


Looks like Buzz is making a dent in the snake population. Around 10:10 AM or so, Ruby was on the nest and flew over to the top of T J Maxx. Buzz arrived with a snake and landed on a nearby lamppost in the parking lot. Ruby wasted no time in joining him, and then Buzz took off leaving the snake with Ruby. I think she might have had a bite or two, but after a few minutes, she carried the snake back into the nest and fed the chicks. George and John got some good photos, and Amy was there as well.

We all eventually headed out - and I, of course, made my requisite stop at Trader Joe's. As I was about to drive away (at 10:56 AM by my car clock), in flies Buzz with another snake! He dropped it off and left right away, and Ruby fed the chicks again. All three look pretty good and seemed to get their share.

I'm sitting in the parking lot writing this, and I just looked up (11:14 AM) to find Buzz back in the nest for a minute- I think with another food delivery (but I'm not sure since I didn't see him come in, but Ruby started to feed the chicks again)! What a guy!


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